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At Todd Legal Search Inc. we offer an array of top-notch recruiting services tailored to the legal industry. Whether you’re looking to expand your team, grow a practice group, replace a key employee, or move to your ideal firm, our expert solutions are designed to elevate your recruitment experience and deliver outstanding results.

Our comprehensive range of services include filling positions at all levels within companies and law firms, ensuring that we cater to diverse needs. From start-up biopharma companies to renowned AmLaw 50 law firms, our clients span a broad spectrum, and we take immense pride in serving each one with equal dedication and commitment.



Thanks to Todd Legal Search we were able to make a strategic hire for our private credit group. Beth worked with us throughout the process to provide insight into the partner’s motivations and feedback making it easier for us to position our strengths with the candidate’s wishes. The end result was a seamless hiring and onboarding process and ultimately a partner who has taken off with our platform. We’re thrilled with the result.

Fred Fisher – Partner, Finance


I have worked with Beth for over 10 years, first in my own employment search as a young associate, and now on the hiring side as we’ve expanded our in-house legal team. Beth has always been very thoughtful in her approach to searches. She takes the time to truly listen in addition to asking great questions to tease out exactly what our needs are. She actively seeks feedback as the search progresses so that she and her team can further refine. I also appreciate Beth’s honest insights about current market conditions. It’s always a pleasure to work with Beth and her team!

Jaime Davis – Associate General Counsel, UCB


We are a boutique firm with a selective hiring criteria for candidates that are hard to find in our market. The team at Todd Legal Search has been expert at finding A+ talent for our needs. They take the time to understand precisely what we are looking for and deliver only candidates fitting that profile. Throughout the process they stay in close communication giving you behind the scenes information to help land the candidate. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with.

Melissa Mellen – Of Counsel Koenig, Oelsner, Taylor, Schoenfeld & Gaddis PC


Our work process is designed to deliver efficient and personalized solutions for both our clients and candidates. We understand that every legal search is unique so we adapt our methodology to meet the specific requirements of our clients and ensure successful outcomes.

1) Discovery and Understanding: Our first step involves a comprehensive discovery phase. For our clients, we delve deep into their organizational culture, specific talent requirements, and long-term objectives. Understanding the nuances of their teams enables us to craft a focused recruitment strategy that aligns perfectly with their vision.

For our candidates, we prioritize open communication to grasp their career goals, preferred practice areas, and desired firm culture. By gaining these insights, we can match them with opportunities that genuinely resonate with their aspirations.

2) Talent Sourcing and Research: Armed with the knowledge from our discovery phase, we leverage our extensive network and carefully curated database to source the best legal talent available. Our experienced research team leaves no stone unturned, diligently searching the market to identify candidates or companies and firms that meet the specific criteria.

We believe in a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the most suitable prospects proceed. For clients, this means sourcing and evaluating candidates. For professionals, this means contacting rigorously targeted companies and firms.

3) Guidance and Offer Management: As the recruitment process advances, we act as a reliable intermediary between our clients and candidates. We handle interview scheduling, coordination, and logistics, making the process seamless and stress-free for both parties.

Additionally, we provide candidates with invaluable interview coaching, ensuring they present themselves confidently and authentically. When the right match is found, we skillfully manage the negotiation process, advocating for our candidates and ensuring that our clients’ offers are competitive and enticing.

4) Post-Placement Follow-Up: Our dedication doesn’t end with the placement. We value long-term partnerships and conduct post-placement follow-ups to ensure a smooth integration into the new role. For clients, we seek feedback to continuously improve our services. For candidates, we provide ongoing support to ensure their successful transition into their new legal environment.

With a genuine commitment to the success of both our clients and candidates, we take pride in the trust placed in us and continually strive to exceed expectations, forging lasting connections that propel legal careers and drive business growth for select organizations.

With a genuine commitment to the success of both our clients and candidates, we take pride in the trust placed in us and continually strive to exceed expectations, forging lasting connections that propel legal careers and drive business growth for select organizations.


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